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yes, it is unusual for fb to do gift guides but this year i've set myself and my husband on a very tight budget for holiday spending, therefore i've been seeking out some top notch items for gift giving under $30.00 the best part is that each one is unique in it's own way, allowing for a more exciting giving experience. So as we all know times are tuff and most of us get swallowed up by all the materialistic advantages of the holidays and in the end find us broke or worse, in debt come january. so i wanted to share a more thoughtful approach to gift giving, and show that things don't have to cost a fortune to give a great impression!  emphasize the things that mean more like, being handmade, limited edition, or sustainable...things like this are priceless qualities and don't necessarily cost a boat load! here are my picks for this week...

megan aumans reusable cozy cuff
the cozy cuff by megan auman. laser cut from thick sustainable wool felt, fits most coffee cups and most wrists! the best part is that it's reusable so you don't have to feel bad throwing away those cardboard sleeves everytime you get a cup to go! price is $25.00

poketo wallets
limited edition wallets designed by lisa congdon and tim biskup at the poketo shop. Made of durable vinyl (Double layer for extra strength). Contains 3 slots for credit cards, a bill slot, and a change purse. The wallet is 8.5" x 3.75" open, but folds perfectly to fit in your pocket (4.25" x 3.75"). All wallets come with a matching pin and bio card of the artist. price $20.00

ceramic salt box from rare device
Rare device is having it's own under $30.00 gift guide where you can find these lovely ceramic salt boxes imported from japan. Great for storing things like tea bags, stamps or even dog treats! price $22.00

iphone. itouch sleeves by mel lim
ipod/iphone sleeves from joy by mel lim. handmade from bright and durable Ultrasuede material each sleeve is in a no repeat color assortment and super easy to clean and stain resistant.  you know it's of high quality coming from mel! price $18.00


  1. The cozy muffs are cool! Oh, and of course the Poketo wallets rock! Thanks for your interest and support! :)

  2. Great idea for the coffee sleeve. I often feel guilty enough about throwing away the disposable cup.



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