zoe's toes

I'm refraining from my normal posting today to reflect on everything that I am thankful for this year because I will not be around tomorrow and with all this "Christmas explosion" going on, I felt like Thanksgiving gets ignored by all the commercial hoop-la for x-mas. We should all take a moment out of our busy lives to think about those little things that mean the world to us and be grateful for them.

so here goes nothing!.... I AM THANKFUL FOR, the birth of my happy and healthy Zoe (seen playing with her toes above)....for my loving and supportive husband that really doesn't get enough props from me on a daily basis....for my parents who have done soooooooo much for us as we experience the trials and tribulations of new parenting.....for my puppy-kitty who, even though got the title of #2 kid, still cuddles with me every night before i go to bed.....for such close and good hearted friends, some just around the corner and some who we only get to see a few times out of the year....for those in the online community who check out FB from time to time, leave comments, or even just let me know they've just stumbled upon it, these tell me you like me.....to those who get me through the "hard times" that we all go through in life, what would i do without you!....for all those little things that i have probably forgotten about...Just know I am Thankful. :)

I hope You all have a fantastic Thanksgiving! I will be back after this short break.


  1. thank YOU, and happy thanksgiving too :)

  2. your baby girl is oh so beautiful nicole. happy thanksgiving to you!

  3. I love this post, it's what Thanksgiving should be about! It was so great to see you this weekend, and I can't wait to actually see you and Zoe and Jay for more than 15 minutes!!

  4. Because of i like your babe so much..so i cant stop to keep checking her pic..now i see this one...she is just super cute.

  5. I jealous her look at those dots and pink. Lucky her to be so fashionable.haha



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