modge-podge of goodness

hello folks, i've been away tending to my sick little baby for the past few days. i'm back now and to catch up on the past few days i'm just going to throw a modge-podge of good stuff your way to explore!

bell invitato
stunning letterpressed stationery from bell'invito. love these astrological symbols, great for personalizing your letterheads!

t 2010 calender

t 2010 calender
2010 letterpressed calendar from Ink & Wit. very cute illustrations.

alisha louise
alisha louise
I don't normally blog about jewelery on FB but these pieces are very eye catching from very talented designer, Alisha Alderman. her shop is alisha louise designs.

cats let nothing darken their roar calendar
cats let nothing darken their roar calendar
another great 2010 calendar by noa bembibre, the project is called Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar.


  1. The last one is really cool!
    I just wish that my english woudn't be so poor... there is some months that i don't understand! :)



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