FB print sale!

Happy Monday to you! I'd like to start off the week with a great print sale on all LAND BIRDS prints. Yes it's about that time to clear inventory and get ready for the next wave of prints in this collection. so here is the deal folks, we've lowerd the price on all 8x10 letterpressed prints to $10.00 and all the 6x8 Gocco prints are only $5.00. Each print is signed and numbered to insure it's uniqueness to the growing collection. we hope to get a few more new prints to this collection out by late winter. check out the FB shop to get yours.

land birds series prints by you.

arent the pretty! by you.

land bird series :: print #2 by you.


  1. Hmmm....I love these photos. It's so fascinating for me to see the creative process. Found you via decor8 and am enjoying your picks. BTW, I love the photo of your bookcase (I would totally raid it to enjoy some of those yummy craft books) and like how you styled your yellow vintage tray.

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