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strawberry pattern

picto animals

i felt like it was time for a little WIP sharing, i guess i was just in the mood for some show and tell but mainly for the opinion and comment part of it! inspired by my recent "mommy hood" experience, i've been dabbling into more kid friendly designing. it's been fun breaking down my design work into more simplified shapes and exploring more lighter and brighter color palettes. my only problem is translating a style, questioning if i have a specific one or not. my body of work has morphed it's self many times throughout it's various stages of experimentation. Each time i attempt to go back to my roots of pen and watercolor, i always get tempted to do other things, something just doesn't want me to take that step back. i guess it's not necessarily a bad thing, but a "growth thing". do i miss the pen on paper? yes. but do i also want to explore new things? yes.

whats a girl to do! lol anywho, enjoy my tiny sneek peek at a new part of fb press.


  1. I love the little strawberries! That would be an AWESOME fabric even!


  2. These are so great Nicole! I especially love the interlocking animals. Fabulous work! Hope all is well with beautiful Zoe!



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