One Week

photo 5-2 by you.

This week marks the 2 month birthday of my darling little girl, Zoe. We had our first swim lesson yesturday and although she much rather prefers warm bath water she loved being all cozy in the towel afterwords!

This also marks the last week in my 8 week recovery period after my c-section. next monday i'll be back to my regular work schedule and also back to my regular blogging posts. for now i'm enjoying being a full time mommy for one more week and milking my "break" from reality as much as i can. so take care until then and be prepared for some new posts and gradual changes on the blog. ta ta for now!


  1. "Milking my break"- was that meant to be a pun? ;-)

    I'm glad you had a quick recovery. I bet you are too!

  2. Aww- what a gorgeous girl! Just like her mommy ;)

  3. OoOoO... What a cutie! :)




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