lisa congdon :: birch trees

lisacongdon trees
I received a lovely email from the candy store collective and these gorgeous birch tree paintings on wood canvas by lisa congdon were calling to me. The bright colors capture such a great aliveness (is that a word?) and makes it so refreshing to see nature depicted in a happy, cheery way....seen as it's EARTH DAY!

Go do something outside today, plant a tree, flower, walk your dog and enjoy what mother nature has given to us...we should do this everyday but as most of us know, time doesn't permit most of us to do so but today is special so try and celebrate the day!


  1. The colours are so cute! Makes me happy looking at these, thanks for sharing.

    We have been blessed with gorgeous weather in Melbourne at the moment so yes, I will go for a walk today I think!

  2. been seeing more art with birch trees, as of late. love these!



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