second storie weekend

Good morning on this rainy monday. I'm sitting here at my desk with my favorite tea uploading all the great pics i took at this past weekends second storie indie market. what a blast it was to be there and see all my crafty friends, meeting new friends and seeing all the wonderful crafty work out there. unfortunately for me i took great photos of everyone elses tables but mine (isn't that always the case?)  i've posted a few of the many photos i took at the show below, you can find the rest here.

freshlyblended & ruthie designs by you.
(myself and ruthie designs sharing a table)

shanna murray :: ornaments by you.
(shanna murray's ornaments)

pistachio press by you.
(pistachio press)

french press
(french press)

joann mcgranham by you.
(joann mcgranahan)


  1. Darling, all so darling! I enjoyed your flickr photos too.

  2. Nicole, it was great to see you this weekend! I'm so glad we had some time to chat. Thanks for posting these pictures, I think I only took two pictured the whole time!



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