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hello handmade

hello handmade
there is nothing sweeter then putting some effort into gift wrapping, maybe i got this from my mother but i just love to wrap presents, i put so much effort into the wrap job so it's just perfect. at holiday time i love making my own tags too, something that hangs so delicately from a beautifully wrapped box is just so much more appealing then a write on sticker don't you think? here are two beautiful examples of some exquisite tag making! Top 2 are from things are better with the parrot, bottom two are from newly created hello handmade paperie.


  1. lovely! i, too, am a wrap-a-holic. i can't wait to get started!


  2. I am in tune with putting attention to details when you wrap gifts. It shows that you care. I am thinking of making my own tags this year. I will inquiry at the stamp maker how they can produce my own ink stamps.

  3. sometimes I think the wrapping is more fun than the gift! these are beautiful examples. thanks for the inspiration!*a



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