more land birds

land birds 5
land birds 6
This weekend i'll hopefully be well enough to go to shelly's and start printing some of my land bird series. when she told me that she got the plates in i got soooo giddy because this is my first full blown letterpress experience. i've touched upon it before playing with her wood type but now i get to go from original design to actual print and i'm syked!
I'm thinking that the little guys on the bottom may be a gocco print, what do you think?


  1. So cool, congrats, get well and have fun!!!

  2. Seriously, these bird prints you keep drawing up are so fresh and light and gorgeous! A really unique balance of the modern look and the revived nature/crafty movement. love them.

  3. amazing- and i love the colors you're using too! How'd it go today with printing!?

  4. So exiciting! And the illustrations are just gorgeous. Esp love the coral/nude color scheme...

  5. These are wonderful! I love their poses. Why would you print the bottom as a gocco instead of letterpress? I really like their detail. Have fun! *a



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