birds of a feather

so i've been posting alot more of my own work in my flickr, i feel like i'm in need of some criticism. i like it, good or bad. anywho, i've been fascinated with birds for the past year now and i've just been a mad researcher on the land varieties lately. thus what i'm about to show you.
i've begun a series of "land birds" and i'm not quite sure what i want to do with them just yet but i know they will be printed in some way shape or form. what do you think? how should these feathered friends come to be? should i do more? variations? patterned? printed? i'm thinking maybe letter pressed? give me your feedback, any feedback.
land birds 3 by you.

landbirds 2 by you.

bird pattern by you.


  1. These are lovely! The colors are great too. I think they would look amazing in letterpress. I like each one individually, but can see them as a pattern too. If you decide on pattern I would open them up more - give more space between each bird. This way the eye could focus on each lovely bird. Good luck!

  2. mmm, gorgeous color schemes. My favorite part about your style (especially noticeable in the top two) is the super simple line quality without crossing the line of under-detailed or childish. It feels modern but sophisticated, not cutesy.

    And yes, my eyes almost put the dimpled shadow of letterpress into your images before I even read your question about medium.

  3. feedback? ok. gorgeous form, and the colours, how do you choose such great colours combos that go together so well??? They are lovely, what are you gonna do with them?

  4. Loving the multi-color, multi-directional birds. That would make nice fabric or wallpaper or...

  5. Nicole, I think these are great! The larger birds, actually, I would like to see blown up to life size in a poster format, or applied to pillows or scarves...totebags...

    I'd really love to see the latin species name/vernacular name tied in with these somehow....like..maybe in a handwriting or a great typeface.

    Gotta say, it's really nice to see some new bird shapes-- for so long now it just seems like people can add a bird to anything and it becomes hip/pretty. I like that you are looking, actually at the species. The colors are great-- but for me, these could be in any color and still be interesting.

  6. The detail in your designs are amazing. Also, it is refreshing to see your use of different colors and how well they go together in your design scheme. Whatever you are dreaming of doing with your design, go for it. You're ready!

  7. Oh, the birds are gorgeous! I love the last one, all the colors.

  8. gorgeous, nicole! i love the repeating pattern and your color choices.

    i think these would work beautifully as letterpress or screened images. they would be so great as individual small art prints. i would very much like one!

  9. They look beautiful - simple but with enough detail, and great colours too. They'd be great on so many things - tea towels, definitely letter press, cards, crockery!

  10. this print is beautiful...and the colours..wow!



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