miserable allergies

puppy-kitty and myself spent the weekend not feeling good. you know, i never had allergies growing up but for some strange reason the past few years have been packed with eye-head aches, sniffy dry noses and nausea from being so miserable. i guess this is what i get for being an adult now and taking all those allergy free childhood years for granted!

pitiful pearl position!

so instead of posting about some great featured inspiration, i post what my house looked like this weeked ...completely untouched...this post will hopefully give me the motivation to do some cleaning later this evening!
around the house

around the house
see i leave out little project  bins for myself when i'm feeling lazy infront of the TV...not sure if thats a good or bad thing yet.
peeking by you.
she would stare at me until i'd go up with her for a nap!
around the house by you.
this shows how bad i really felt...the sun was even out and i was stuck inside....ugh! well hope you like the small change of pace and a small inside peek into my life...not so glamorous!


  1. i hear you on that. having 3 cats my allergies mysteriously snuck up on me at the ripe age of 26. so i have to give a big thank you to julius, penelope and olive for my random sneezing fits.

  2. I've had the same problems - allergies came as I was growing up. Weird...something new in the air? I hope you feel better!

  3. aww i hope you do get well soon..and hey, i love those cushions...very cute :)

  4. I never had allergies as a kid. They didn't strike me until the mid 20's!
    For me the worst is in the spring.



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