great ideas :: great covers

i am always blown away by penguin's creative abilities but especially blown away by it's ongoing construction of their "great ideas" series. here are some pretty wild covers from each series with the bulk done by the always amazing david pearson (where you can see all covers from all volumes)...one cover designer that i hope to be like some day!

great ideas :: one
volume 1
great ideas :: two
volume 2
great ideas :: three
volume 3


  1. i have a small obsession with book covers myself and these are beautiful! whatever happend to good old fashioned type design and illustrations? i hate that book overs are almost always photos these days. photos can be lovely as well, but those old, type heavy covers steal my heart every time...

  2. These are so absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting them!

  3. Yes, those are great. Are they all letterpressed?

  4. yes me too. My love for book cover design really became established when working in a book store which carried the entire penguin collection. I collected their book covers for inspiration. Gorgeous pick and fantastic blog. - K



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