catching up :: typecon 08

What a whirl wind of a week i just had...it was just one of those times when so many things hit you all at once and you need a few days to recover from it.

part of my away time was spent helping out my girl shelly with her workshop at typecon this year. i accompanied her with what little knowledge i knew about letterpress and made some new friends and shared some laughs!

below is me putting together my part for a group poster collaboration.

and the final product! click here for more pics of our workshop!


  1. I love when it's done in the traditional way. It turns it into a whole different thing.
    I really like it!!

  2. Ugh! HOW FUN and I am totally bummed I missed it. I heard a rumor Sagmeister was there. Confirm or deny?

  3. I love type and letterpress, wish I could be there -great work on the poster.



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