DIY invitation tuesday :: gocco collection

today we celebrate gocco. so many more people are getting into the gocco groove and it's so refreshing to see so many people experimenting and testing the limits of this beloved little contraption. about two years ago we were all freaking out about riso's announcement to discontinue print gocco systems and products and now people are finding the ways to keep it alive and printing up a storm....we love our gocco and hope that someone out there can bring it back into full production so we can enjoy it even more.  here is our "invitation" version of our ode to gocco.

beautiful wedding invitations by heatherjenny

very cute save the dates by lagomorph

love these wedding invitations by ugly kitty!

lovely illustrated wedding invites gocco'd by mizutamago


  1. wow, i've never attempted type with gocco? have you tried it?

  2. some people are way too talented! these are lovely.

  3. Renee (aka UglyKitty)June 17, 2008 9:52 PM

    Thank you so much for the mention..and to be in such great company!

    p.s. Save Gocco!!

  4. hooray for gocco! some lovely pics here :)

  5. Nice post!! I purchased some unique set of wedding invitations with a specially designed monogram, gorgeous ribbon, shimmery stardream paper, lined envelopes, and a custom wax seals, only from RexCraft.



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