around the house

today i decided to be a bit more personal with my post. I'm at home and it's just about to thunderstorm so i took a quick break from some design work for my day job and snap a few random shots around the house. even though i have to do a massive cleaning, i was able to show you a few areas that were decent!

here is a shot of my most favorite piece of art i own, by friend and super talented artist, julia rothman, to the left you'll see a snippet of my dinning room table and a really awkwardly placed outside door which leads to the back yard...maybe next year we'll put up a sliding glass door that leads to a nice deck where we can have bbq's and get-togethers!

this is a small rose that i rescued from the lawn mower the other day, i just love how it curled itself. the woman who lived here before us must of loved peonies and roses because they are all over our yard.

up in the studio, puppy-kitty sleeps on my vintage chair under the window, as i look down to some fabric on the floor for a special project i'm working on, i noticed it has been curled ever so perrrfectly, almost like it was placed there to do a product shot...i swear i didn't do it!

now it's back to work i go, and then to the doctor and an oil change later this evening.... i hope tomorrow it's sunny outside.


  1. the house is looking beautiful dear!

  2. looks lovely. can't wait to see it in person sunday!

  3. i have the 'luxury apartments' print too and i love it so much. it's fun to see it someone else's space.



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