site testing

hi all, i hate ruining a "grand reveal" but since i am no where near a decent web designer, i thought i would call out to my peeps to let me know if everything seems alright on your end of things with my new and (kind of ) improved site for fb press.

i did trick you though, all the images are not the most recent yet so that will at least be a surprise. if you could just comment and let me know if all the navigation is okay or if what you see is a big mess! lol
you have a better idea as the viewer. thanks for all your help. check it out here.


seem to be having issues with my imbedded slideshow widget....i'm unable to see it in safari, do you? hummm, back to the drawing board.....


  1. Loving the new site!! I need to get myself one of those web designer hubbys!!

  2. I use Safari 3.1 and can view it just fine... I think the new site is lovely! it's so fresh and clean, just like your work :)

  3. hi there nicole, just found your blog via lara cameron's. i like your new website design - just gorgeous! i use safari and can see the slideshow ok but at first didn't know i had to scroll my mouse over it to make it appear. the navigation seems to be working fine too.

  4. Looks great Nicole... I can see the slides fine, and I have Safari 3, looked at in Firefox too, and all was coming up beautifully. Love the simplicity, and the photos are beautiful.



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