monday jump start

I have alot to catch up on and submissions to go through, I love monday mornings for checking my email, (it's like christmas to me) because i have this self imposed rule of not checking my email on the weekends, we all need that sacred time and i feel like thats what weekends are for, if i didn't do that for myself then i would definitely turn into a work-a-holic and that just means more stress that i don't need. everyone should have a sacred time even if it's just a few hours a day...we are only human, right!

anywho, look at these great mixed media artists, such a lovely jump start to my dreary outside monday! thank your for the inspiration gals!!!

lovely prints from the "chair obsessed" maria janosko. i adore her whimsical touches of color.

new shop featuring lovely abstract mixed media and textiles from angie burr.



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