back in the saddle

finally, even though the studio is not quite up to par (waiting on some shelving organization) i thought it was time to jump back into the game and let me creative juices flow again. It is quite tuff when you've been completely stressed out and focused on other issues in life for some time and not at all creating during it all.
I'm just dying to start new things but hesitant because there is always that "where to start" point and I think i'm still contemplating that. non the less i have some great things in the works, nothing i can tell you about right now, but soon...i promise. in the meantime, i think i'll look to my trusty puppy-kitty for some ever glowing inspiration! more pics here.


  1. what a cute kitty! I love the 3 white bins you have hanging on the wall.

  2. I love your little space! I'm still working on mine trying to get it organized while still being well designed! Ahh!

  3. I like your artworks so much!!



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