moving and adjusting

hello all. So sorry for the blog neglect, lately lifes been nothing but chaos due to our big move this past weekend. We are having quite a time adjusting especially for puppy-kitty. She's like a little baby who just wants her mommy constantly and i feel bad that i can't be with her 24/7 so this post is dedicated to my little fuzzy munchkin and all her adjustment woes.

I''m also hoping to be back onto a normal blogging schedule by next week...no more neglecting, i promise.

also I'd like to give a big warm welcome to our newest fb sponsor: yumi yumi! definitely click that link and check out Aline's beautiful artwork.


  1. So cute! I can see why she wants her mommy - so cuddly. My kitties are like that too, but they are age 5 and 8.

  2. I'm moving house this weekend and I'm worried about my two cats adjusting :-( The current house is now devoid of most furniture and they know something is going on, so they're not happy.

    They will get plenty of cuddles and treats though.

  3. Your little girl is absolutely gorgeous Nicole!! I've certain got a thing for Siamese cats and your kitty is purr-fect! This is a normal occurrence in our house too. It's called "helping mommy"



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