black and white with a hint of hue

Today was rough, getting back to work with the thought of an unfinished house on my mind and to top things off, our loving dog, lumpy, is at the end of his lifetime and an important decision has to be made for the poor old man.
My post is representative of the black and white of life, just as new and exciting things come into play, so do sad things, but in this case they are both beautiful (and long lived) so lets focus on that side of things with some great, subtle in color, inspiration i've picked up today.

from left to right: (all from etsy)a little birdie by cotton bird designs (thanks beachgrl!), next is a beautiful handmade pottery by kristen swanson,Owl gocco print by Jackie Amos of littlestflower, felt pebbles from reya veltman


  1. I did a search on etsy for paper alphabet bird and guess what I found?

    Love black and white!

  2. oh you poor dear! could you be torn in any more directions?! and having to make "decisions" regarding your beloved pooch as well...

    *sending as many good vibes your way as i can find*

  3. the bird is from cotton bird designs on etsy, i was browsing and saw the exact same one earlier today.



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