ode to our pets...

As we are spreading our love this Valentine's day, lets not forget our most loyal companions of all. Give your pet a little treat or even card...something to show them that we love and adore them just as much as our significant others on this up coming day of love.
This inspiration comes from a cute idea from mod-dog.com, each week they will be launching a new dog bread print to frame or on a cute set of note cards. It's a modern way of saying "i love you" to that special fuzzy pal. I had to pick the great dane cause I'd like one some day! te he.

greatdane print :: mod dog, originally uploaded by freshlyblended.

greatdane card :: mod dog, originally uploaded by freshlyblended.


  1. this is the same idea -- ode to a dog. a really sweet story:

  2. I love the great Dane it reminds me of the One my Older Brother had .
    Dino was his name o.



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