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We are now in the middle of redesigning our bathroom in the new house and so I'd like to dedicate a few posts to the bathroom. while some people never really think about bathroom design, it's merely just thought about as a room to get clean in...others think of it as a spa or a place to retreat to when life gets hectic so they want to accomplish a certain feel to it. I personally never really thought about it...UNTIL...we saw what ours looked like at the start of a home purchase. I'll be showing a before and after pic when it's finished, in the meantime i'd like to show some really gorgeous tiles that at this point in life could only dream about!! (te he)

(from top to bottom: Angela Adams ceramic tile,
Sakura graphic tile, Erin Adams glass tile. All tile via Anne Sacks)

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  1. All these graphic, glass and ceramic tiles by Anne Sacks are beautiful. especially the 3 & 4th ones used in the bathroom pictures.



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