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Tomorrow's the day folks, jay and I will finally sign our lives away to become home owners!
The thing I thought would of been the easiest to decide became the most intimidating. okay, I'll admit it, I am afraid of color. I think whats really getting me is finding the best colors that represent myself but also jay as well. lets break it down:
nicole= organic
jay= industrial
Even though we have pretty opposite tastes and styles, we do have a way of merging the two in a somewhat perfect harmony. Paint however is a different story, in our last house we were so afriad of color that we only painted the living room (muted aqua) and kitchen (light green). so my question is this: do we stay in the light or muted palettes and use the enormous amount of art as the POP of color or do we take a chance and go with the "accent wall" theory?? I'd like to know what people thing so if you have any inspiration or color scheme that you might think would fit my aesthetic, send it on over and i'll post it. I'll be back on Thursday. (here is a token pic of my color frustraitions)


  1. i tend to lean towards the safe side of color when it comes to paint {as in, my office was 3 different shades of pink until i painted it a soft green} and punching things up with art. you can very easily change art on the wall, whereas repainting is a pain and can be expensive. in both places we lived, we used more neutral colors in the large living areas and more bold colors in smaller rooms like bedrooms. happy painting and be sure to post pics! p.s. restoration hardware has amazing colors if you choose to go with light/muted.

  2. we have the same dilemma with color. Three years later and our walls are still white, but we also spiced up the rooms with art. good luck!

  3. I've chosen you for the Excellent Blog Award (which is probably surprising because I never comment on your blog, but I do subscribe!) If you'd like to participate, check out my January 29th post: http://plentitude.blogspot.com/2008/01/thanks.html

  4. It's only paint, if you dont like it you can do something else. So I say go for it, be bold and take some risks.

  5. I'm a big fan of using shades of color that are just basically white with a touch of green/blue/yellow. Then doing trim in a bright white, and then using lots of colors to accent. The white and the accents all will pop off of the just barely green/blue/yellow.

  6. I completely feel your pain! We've been in our house for a little over 5 years and we've barely touched the walls. It's pure color fear I tell you! The indecision kills me.

    Congratulations on the new house!

  7. Go for the color! Paint is easy & cheap to change. My bathroom is bright luminous orange, and every single person who's seen it loves it. If you have special art pieces, try to pull colors from those, as well. We've also done the accent wall thing, even though supposedly that's "out"? I like the punch of color, and one wall is extraordinarily easy to change the color on (we've been in the house less than two years and have changed the color of our dining room twice!).

  8. Hi - I say put your fears aside and try something new....industrial organic - think silvery greens, lattes, butter...see where it takes you. Like everyone else said, its only paint!
    Good Luck

  9. We've been in our house for 7 months and I haven't brought myself to paint yet ... but we also don't have much art, etc. yet and not too much inspiration to work from. However, that time is giving me lots of fuel and ideas as I decide what must go, what must come in, etc.

    We did have our last apartment painted w/bold accents though: if you're at a loss, I love taking inspiration from favorite art pieces, etc. and using one of the colors for the wall! Its worked great for us.



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