I am in love with your work essimar! lol.... aka. Esther Ramirez of chicago has redefined her background of interior design, into a melting pot of mediums and concepts. all i want to do is keep looking at her visually stunning work. I hope she knows that i'm going to be obsessed with her from here on out! (te he)

This is something that i've put on my list of creative goals for 2008, once we do the big move and settle, i'll have the room to get back into my mix media state of mind and am just dying to dive back into it. It really does put a damper on your motivation when you've had to pack most of your studio away for almost two years...not to jinx it, but we are closing on january 25th...yeahy!


  1. wow.
    thanks so much for sharing this artist!

  2. Wow, what a great look! I Love the palette.



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