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The wait is finally over! Do you ever have the situation where your dying to work on something but your missing some of the tools or materials you need to continue on? ...well i was just there but now i'm finally back on track. I aquired this rad paper drill but it had to come all the way from British Columbia so i had to wait and wait and wait until today! A huge heavy box sat on my door step waiting for me to open.

So since coming home from work so happy, i decided to take the lovely warm fall evening to start cutting down some giant sheets of chip board that i rumaged up. These pieces were so big, that none of my rulers or yard sticks would measure all the way to the edges. These will be for my up coming "greener" collection, im very excited about it.

Don't forget to check out the new Design Sponge site here. Such a cute new design except its sad to leave the old site behind, i'm going to have to change up all my linkage now. Another place to check out is jan'sgrand opening of poppytalk handmade

if you'd like to see my picks of tonite, go here. for some strange reason blogger won't upload any of my pics, silly glitches.

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