Elenor Yap

I'm back from a whirl wind of a weekend in NYC. The wedding was so beautiful and it was so great seeing our old friends and meeting some new ones as well.

I feel like starting my work week with some beautiful work by Artist/Designer Elenor Yap out of Melbourne, Australia. Elly's process starts with little scientific type drawings which are cut out and tediously collaged together before she scans in and pieces together more to create this brilliantly surreal design. She is on a visual mission to create order in a chaotic world by using rich colors and sensations of fruit, vegetables, animals and the natural environment. I am so inspired by how elly makes such an extremely organized rhythm with so many detailed and textured elements. It's mind blowing to me.

The following two images are of her most recent textile design project for Dhini. There are more images of the printed fabric here.

This piece is from her first solo exhibition 'Planet Earth' at Off the Kerb Gallery, more here.

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