debi van zyl

when you mix a background including architecture, furniture design, graphic design and throw in a bit of knitting, typography, and book design you get debi van zyl. I came across her shop one day on etsy and then linked to her blog where she began posting a bout her process of creating a very unique 2008 calendar so i emailed her to make sure she would let me know when it was done...and guess what..it's done and it's very cool!

This calendar handmade and in limited edition. You can count down the year with concentric circles, each month getting smaller and smaller as the months go by. It's also cleverly bound with wood strips and each month is perforated and can be easily torn off. measures 4 x 5.5 inches (10cm x 14cm). so if your looking for your 2008 calendar and you want a unique one, head on over to debi's shop.


  1. I love this. What an amazing idea!

  2. Wow this calendar pretty much rocks! Also, I am digging the new look for your site!

  3. Great post. The blog is looking might fine, by the way :-)

  4. VERY cool! thank you. I could be on Etsy all day, I swear.



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