I haven't done one of these in a while so i think i'll respond to patricia's tag. heres the lo-down:
Players list 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, players then tags 8 people by posting their names and makes sure they know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at the tagee’s blog.

1> In school I was "that special kid" who was in all low level academic classes but in advanced art, infact in my junior year of high school there was nothing left for me to take so I had to Be in Advanced placement Art one year early only to find out I'd be in it again as a senior. go figure.

2> I have an obsession with my cat, i treat her like a human kid. maybe it's because i'm ready for kids...i have no idea but she likes it cause she's spoiled.

3> {I think i've said this one before} but i have a learning disability where I can't comprehend numbers, my brain can read them in problem solving ways like adding, subtraction, especially measuring, i can't differentiate between decimals and fractions and i can't read a ruler. this makes it ironic for the type of work i do because you have to be very persistence in bookmaking so i've come up with my own methods and i use my visual sense to compensate for my inabilities to calculate.

4> I'm a freak about matching my shoe color to my clothes. If i'm wearing something with any hint of black in it, i can't wear anything but black shoes and if i'm wearing all warm tones then i have to wear a warm toned shoe, mainly brown...i wasn't always like this!

5> You wouldn't know it if you met me but I have social anxiety...I'm a super bubbly and outgoing person but if i'm in a place with more then 5 people that i don't know, i start to get all anxiety ridden and nervous...i could never be a public speaker!

6> My main medium in college was watercolor and collage. I was even to the point where i wanted to be a children's book illustrator...it's funny how we grow into something completely different then what we expected in the past. who knows, maybe i'll grow back into it someday.

7> I can actually see the mist from Niagara Falls from my house. I live on the niagara river and on the other side of the river is Canada, i say hello to my neighbors every morning. The island I live on is actually shaped like a porck chop! my nickname for it is "the giant floating porck chop".

8> Most people don't know but my last name is really pronounced "leech" but i never correct people because i like the sound of Lecht better and my husband and i think it should be that way anyways. We have been trying to figure out who in his family tree decided to change this beautiful german pronunciation! another funny thing is that my maiden name> Sommer is really pronounced as "Summer"...now say that as if i hyphenated my name: "Summer-Leech"...funny!

so there now you know a tad bit more about me. now i have to pick 8 people ( mine are at random)  Shanna Aline Natalie Natascha Jan Zoe Jessica Kat


  1. That's so weird that you said that about the numbers thing...I think I'm like that too. I have real difficulty with numbers and it always hindered me...at school, being accepted into college (I needed maths as a qualification and I didn't have it) and in general. It's kind of like a dyslexia with numbers instead of letters and reading/writing. I was always in the bottom dunce group for maths. I now know that it's because I'm gifted in other areas, and you are too x

  2. oh, and I just saw at the end that you tagged me too!!! Missed that one, drat. But I did get tagged by Kathleen too so does that mean I need to do it twice??? See it's the numbers dilemma again...when I had to tag 8 people I had to count them over and over again to make sure I had 8 people and not 7 or 9!!!



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