never ending side projects

Irony, originally uploaded by French Press.

my good buddy, shelly, and i reeeaaalllyyyyy rreeeaaalllyyy want to start preparation for the second storie indie market, but we've been constantly haulted by side projects like this one for my husbands best friends wedding!
we were totally in the clear until i got a call from shel yesturday with bad news that she printed all 150 RSVP"s and at the end noticed that the plate maker messed up on some of the fonts and they defaulted to myriad, so now after an overnight shippment of a new plate and alot of wasted card stock, it's back to printing another round...granted my husband is leaving to NYC on thurday and those invited have to go with him!! talk about stressful times.
so what have we learned from this nicole? -----> always give yourself enough extra time for screw ups even if it's not from your end of a project!!

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