I'm still here...

No, I haven't disappeard off the face of the planet (even though i wish i did right now!). I've been fixing, cleaning, drawing, thinking, collaborating, sneezing, researching, sleeping, and planting.
Even though what summer brings to me in the form of inspirations and ideas for my work, it also brings the hassle of revamping my gardens every year and we all know that it doesn't get done on it's own. I do love working in the garden but i'm realizing that i'm starting to put more attention to being outside rather then getting work done. I guess thats what happens when you only get warm weather about three months out of the year! Oh and that big piece of metal you see up there is my new little friend, mr. c&p guillotine! more pics here.


  1. Lady! That looks great!! Are you sure that is the same beast that traveled under the guise of a fat lady in the back-o-me truck? Good clean up mama!

    Hope this doesn't mean no more studio visits (sad day) Hey wait...I still have some bruises so you may be in luck yet!

    (Dear lawyers: this will serve as documentation of leaving my studio to the aforementioned guru of books! Note: this is ONLY after I'm outta here and Nicole has created my tombstone from my collection of wood type).

  2. I love your drawings, they're really beautiful and elegant. And that guillotine, wow! And she's polished up lovely :)



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