Today Shelly and I bought our Jet Blue tickets to NYC for the National Stationary Show on May 20th-23rd. We are sooooo totally syked about it, i'm going to go crazy with my camera so i can come back with lots to show! i hope i don't get kicked out for taking too many pictures! I also had a chat with Kathleen and we decided to make plans for a little "honky tonk" visit this coming fall.

Alas, with all this excitement going on i am still up to my eyeballs in final preparation for my pecha kucha presentation next tuesday and the FINAL touches to the website and upcomming books to lauch FBpress. So, i've decided that i'm making my next post the actual LAUNCH post of FB press...i am vowing to myself that i will not post any more until it's that special one! As progress gets closer and closer to opening up shop, life just gets crazier so i think the best thing for me to do is spend a few days, de-blogged and just get things D O N E! I'll just tell you a little something though...come hell or high water, FBpress will be open the the public by the end of this weekend!

On a closing note, I will see you on LAUNCH DAY!...until then, thanks to links from crustation, here is my "ode to finlands handmade<>modern" ENJOY!
Hau Hauz



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