NSS Thursday

Tomorrow will be my final NSS 07 coverage posting. it's been a long two weeks with lots to see, it will be nice to get back into the swing of things. I have some collaborations in progress and some new designs of my own to prepare for FB press.

One great (i guess you wouldn't call it a stationier) Booth we bumped into was  Parkhaus Berlin

eveything they make is out of beautiful felt. I wish i took some close ups of their products but i knew i was running out of memory at that point so definately go check out thier site. Their products range from handbags to office products to home and decoration...the colors are just fantastic!

Binth yet again, blew me away with their new lines of greetings, prints and notepads

they are getting more and more into recycled papers which i'm always ecited about

you will also see some new additions to binth baby this season as well!

eieio's booth just popped right out, i felt like a kid in a wrapping paper shop! it was wrap-tastic!
they have loads of new wrap patterns debuting very soon!

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