Notes from 2007 NSS

Well i'm back and can barly move me feet! there was lots of walking, carrying, talking, drooling, eating, exploring, and of course stationary! for the next week or two i will be posting my experiences and finding from this years National Stationary Show but my first posting will be about a great chick who was kickin' tushie! at he surtex show going on at the same time.

Let me introduce you to miss. julia rothman

Julia and i chatted about her newest venture into fabric and went through her giant pile of pattern goodness.

what an awsome endevour for her and a perfect way to showcase all of her beautiful illustrations

she definately blew the show away with her booth! three cheers for you julia!!!

So that was just a little tid bit of what else is to come in the next few weeks so stay tuned...now i'm going to go soak my feet and lay down for a few!


  1. I received my book today and it's gorgeous!!! THANK YOU! Also, can't wait to read more about NSS!

  2. You lucky girl! Julia's booth looks awesome. Great photos!

  3. how fun! i look forward to seeing more photos and stories from your trip.

  4. How amazing to meet Julia, can't wait to see more photos.



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