weekend works

As the fair gets closer i'm starting to see things come together and pieces being finished. It has been a very long and tedious 2 months but it's beginning to pay off.
I'm learning alot of little things that i never even thought of when it comes to starting up a small business like tax preparation, and sustaining all the finances (the part that makes me feel uneducated and vulnerable), but also all the little things that i love doing like the creation of tags and other little packaging materials, My super talented husband is working very hard on the FB press website. Some things have stalled the launch of the site, mainly this fair but ultimately i decided i wanted to put up something that i didn't put together on impulse, i wanted it to be right the first time. So i told jay to shoot for a launch date of april first and hopefully we can uphold our goal.

i've posted a few more inprogress pics on my flickr so you can see that i'm not lying when i tell ya that i've been distant because of books! lol.

exciting things are comming my way and i love how i can share with everyone that it really does take working hard and and that it's not at all like a snap of the fingers.


  1. I am SO proud of you. Everything looks amazing. You are really making it happen! Nicole my dear, you are an inspiration:)

  2. everything looks so beautiful.

  3. Congratulations! So excited for you, I wish you luck, thanks for sharing your journey, I too am starting my own company and starting from scratch is scary, so nice to see someone being so successful! I love your blog :)

  4. It looks like your doing really well, your books are gorgeous. I'm starting my own company as well and so often feel really overwelmed, its really inspiring to see how your getting on.

  5. Oh! it sounds thrilling! Your craftsmanship is amazing and I'm sure it will be fantastic!
    :) Abbie
    Isn't the packaging of your products fun? I LOVE the process of packaging and promo too.

  6. Looking good!! Is it just me or is that a huge stack of Certificates of Authentication? I love the colours you used for that though - the photos don't do them justice :)



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