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well, i'm still plugging along with the books and sprouting new ideas that i think i will attempt and hold a special preview for ya very soon! a little hint is recycling vintage office files, bird silhouettes and more fantastic wallpapers! ohhh such a tempting mixture...i can't wait!
i've decided to dedicate this post to a new random finding that completely represents beautifuly a medium that inspired me throughout my spaztic preparation..here is only a small glimse:
Paulson Press is a fantastic printmaking/artists collaborative which specializes in limited edition intaglio prints. Founders Pamela Paulson and Renee Bott have a great philosophy which is to facilitate rather than direct an artist, creating an environment where artists can do their best work. some of my favorite pieces that are apart of the Press are these.

shaun o'dell

tauba auerbach

deborah oropallo

one of my more long term goals once i get a new studio space, is to (re)saturate myself with printmaking and integrate it into my books. printmaking has always been a big influence in the way i percieve shape and form, i've just never had the opportunity, nor space to really focus on it. to make a print is to make one unique impression that represents you, i think it is one of the strongest forms of representation. someday soon, i have to work on making my short term dreams come true before i jump into the long term ones...baby steps!

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