I've been a bad blogger this week, I do apologize! I may have to be a bad blogger for a few more days as well. Life has been non stop for me, only giving me time to take a few deep breaths. I'm really not trying to be distant but i've been swamped with multiple things to do. So i decided to gather a list of some of the great things i've found on etsy during my shop research time. I think etsy is the greatest thing since sliced bread and i can't wait to set up shop....very soon, trust me VERY soon! so here are some things that i've fallen in love with recently!
Kim Westad ceramics: gorgeous hand thrown porcelain with just the right hint of color. simple and clean!

Beautiful Gocco printed moleskine cashiers from shoofly's shop.

To die for oxidised leaf and rose quartz necklace from abigal piercy

erin zam has some brilliant handbound books at her shop, this is my favorite one!

at lilfairy there is this beautiful sumi-e painted card that i love so much:

speaking of fish, i would love to see these golden kio paintings on my wall, made by zoo 1023.


  1. Etsy is wonderful! Love those fish prints.

  2. Merci beaucoup! Your blog is très charming... (:

  3. Thanks for all the great links! I love each and every one of them. You blog is SUPER!



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