julie west

lollylolly, originally uploaded by julie west.

lollylolly_detail, originally uploaded by julie west.

One brilliant creative woman that i've been keeping tabs on for years is julie west. julie has a style unlike anything i've ever seen before. her controlled whimsy style just makes me wonder how she comes up with her clever compositions. she has a great way of communicating movement and symmetry without having too much going on. julie is one woman that knows what shes doing and does it perfectly. i couldn't post everything i love about her work or i'd run out of space so def. go check out her flickr page to see all the behind the sceens fun (my favorite pics are of her sketches). She also recently launched an online shop called snodrop, where you can purchase all kinds of great stuff by her.


  1. love it! thanks for sharing julie west ~ she's fabulous.



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