meet ink & wit

this week i've finally pushed myself enough to get my name going for an etsy shop. i'm hoping this will motivate me enough to get my stuff going come january. i felt like i needed a ligit excuse to actually do it and this is that.
in the meantime, i've been addicted to flickr...i just love it and i especially love how most people in the creative world post pictures of the ever evolving projects. it's really awsome to see peoples art take form right before your eyes.
on my long list of new flickr friends is the very talented tara hogan of ink & wit. her work ranges from photography to cut paper to illustration and collage and painting to digital art. her work is definatly worth a look see. i've postes here some of her new cards available at her etsy shop but my true favorites are her delicate photos of nature. simply brilliant!
i wish i had more time to wallow in my artsy inspirations but i'm finally waking up here at my desk wich means i probubly should start designing more books. happy friday!


  1. Merci...
    I too adore watching the dynamic and ever-evolving flickr.
    And etsy, well, just plain wonderfulness... (:

  2. Good luck with Etsy. I'm also just teetering on the verge of starting a shop...



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