busy lil' bee

so this week in my industry (publishing) marks a new season of launching, so from now until prolly the end of january i may not be posting as much as usual but i am determined to stay on track as much as possible. lets just say that i'll prolly be getting another group of between 16 to 20 new books to design covers for in 2 months, so, i may be a bit stressed at times and want to do nothing but go home and sleep...it's not that i don't want to post, it prolly just means i'm most likly brain dead by the end of the day and need to recharge.
in swap news though, kathleen and i have decided that because our swap turnout was spectacular this year, we have decided that the swap must go on for a 2007 season! BUT, hear this, we will not be able to start any lists or groups until october of 2007 (for all of those delightful people who have missed this years and wrote in about next years). We have gotten such a great responce from this years swap and we can't thank everyone enough for being apart of this worldly creative venture...it's most of all so great to have brought hundreds (literally) of people together from all walks of life! we hope to see this years swappers do it again next year and welcome fresh faces with open arms! so try to keep your pants on until next october. don't forget you can see all the WIP and great finished ornaments at the holiday swap flickr site.

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