thankful for

this is what we all felt like after a whole day of constant eating....puppy-kitty and myself are still on vacation today so we'll be doing alot more of this today as well. i am on a self implimented manditory break until next wednesday. i am only allowed to do what I want to do and design things I want to design. this is because I say so!
anywho, i was so wrapped up in eating and visiting family yesturday that i didn't even give myself time to thank god for all of the great things i have in my life and just to say that i apprechiate them. so much has happened this past year that have thrown me off kilter a bit but i am finally realizing that i all happened for a reason...moving, packing up most of my studio, not having my own space to work in, all of these things showed me that even though i can't be in touch with them, i don't have to not create so i am definately thankful that i was able to learn how to be resourceful during this transition mode in my life and i know that somewhere down the line (hopefully soon) it will all pay off, and it already had. i wouldn't of gotten the idea to have this amazing swap organized and then i wouldn't of been about tho meet some great new people along the way, or even through my blogging....so thank you to all of you readers also who find that time to stop in and read my random babbling and see my horrible use of spelling and grammar. sharing my personal inspirations with you has been one of more major highlights of my year. so THANKS go out to all of you as well.


  1. Hey Nicole, this may sound like a weird question but is your puppy-kitty one of those cats with and extra digit on each paw...I used to have 2 kittens like this...they were so cute, liek they had really big hands!!!

  2. hi zoe!
    infact yes she does! she uses then as if she was human too...really amazing to watch her. i look at regular cats paws now and they look like they are missing something!

  3. Oh, that's so cool...I loved my little polydactyls!!! In fact one of them was called cooper like kathleen's puppy and the other was called tyler. They were amazing and, just as you said, they are like proper hands. Sorry, I'm getting way too excited about this but I've never met anyone else who has a cat like this...I think it's quite rare.

  4. what a sweet kitty. You should send this pic to the Cute Overload blog.

  5. I love your kitty. SO adorable!



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