so throughout the day you'll be recieving your swap groups. if you have not recieved your group by tomorrow, then be sure to email us. we've fished through over 400 swappers so there could be a small chance we may have missed you or we got your email wrong and you've never got your group from it.
also, be sure to become a member of the swap flickr group, so you can post ornament images. remember you can post in-progress shots as well as your finished product and your new arrivals...be creative with it! what a grand thing this turned out to be! now one last job for me to do...make some ornaments......

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  1. Really just wanted to say thank you for all your work on the swap. I'm excited about it, and everywhere I go, I'm reading about people planning for mass ornament production. So fun! I appreciate all you're doing, and now I'm going to go leave an almost identical comment on Kathleen's blog...



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