i can always find great color inspiration from amy butler's designs. here fall collection is so rich and brilliant, always impressed! one of my personal handicaps as an artist/designer is coordinating good color schemes so looking at textile design and interior design is a good way to come more acustom to setting up good color schemes in print work.


  1. Amy Butler fabrics are my downfall. I also stuggle to mix and match and she makes it soooo easy. She also makes it easy for someone like me to bring mod / mid century touches into a more traditional home.


  2. I am so out of the fabric loop. I had no idea she had a new line out. Must get with it! Love these.

  3. Love it! the washing machines below rock!

  4. I've gotten some fun color schemes from wrapping paper. Color combos I wouldn't normally think about -- I save a little clipping and leave it on my worktable and when I need inspiration I will flip through the assortment.



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