now thats a coffee table book!

i get really excited when i see books published custom out of an ad agency. there is just something more intimate about a book thats been designed by a studio rather then a publishing house. German based studio, strichpunkt, did just that with a few of their recent book designs. these are those books that you only put out on your coffee table for an intimate party with your closest friends...don't need to be touched by little hands!


  1. Hi Nicole, those books look gourgeous! Are they for sale and if so where can you buy them ?

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I came across your blog in search of what a coffee table books really are? I am studying design at Sessions.edu and I find that you have the best pictures and choice of what they are.

    They are really nice. Thanks.

  3. Hi Nicole

    Interesting, the books from Strichpunkt Design of Stuttgart germany, but the best is yet to come.

    Watch for the new book Finest Facts & Fraud. A tell-all book of how Kirsten Dietz and Jochen Readeker (founders of Strichpunkt)
    de-frauded a company, forged corporate documents and how Raedeker pimped-out Kirsten Dietz.

    The money from these actions were of course used to start Strichpunkt-Design GmbH.

    The book, too be released in early 2007 is authored by the publisher of several weekly newspapers in Miami Beach, Florida, and one of the victims. His name is Walter Moriarty.

    Anyone interested in receiving the on-line version of Finest Facts & Fraud can email the South Beach News at southbeachnews@gmail.com



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