happy {monday}

so today i turn 27 at 11:25 am. i'm sure i'll be going through the day answering that same repetative question "do you feel any older", and of course i'll just sigh and say "nope". why do people always feel like they have to ask that stupid question? for me, i'm not big on birthdays only because i can't remember anyones and i sometimes even forget my own, it's not that i don't like them or worry about getting older, it's just another day for me...so i treat it that way.
anywho, i have turned the tables on my holiday ornaments this weekend, it took me all day on saturday to figure out a new design but then my super duper husband, jay figured it out within minutes for me...go figure. so i'll have to take some pictures tonite and post thembecause i was so wrapped up in them all weekend that i totally forgot to document them.
i have seen some awsome in progress images thus far in our swap flickr group. great job to all you swappers and keep those pics commin!


  1. Happy "day like any other day that just happens to be your birthday"!

  2. happy, happy birthday!

    p.s. i'm glad i'm not the only one who has changed her mind on her ornament too. i'm on version three!

  3. Yay, happy birthday! Until now I thought I would be the first of my friends to turn 27 (in Dec.) but you beat me. I don't know that that makes you feel better, but it makes me feel better:) I have a no work on birthdays policy, so I hope you are enjoying your day. Also, eating pastries for breakfast and lunch is perfectly acceptable on this day. Good bakeries in Buffalo, I hope.
    Glad your ornaments are coming along:) Have a fabulous birthday dear! I say you are only as old as you want to be. I really liked 5, and pretty much all the years leading up to 5.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful b'day Nicole! I love coming to your blog everyday for some fun inspiration, and can't wait to see how your ornaments are coming along! Have cake and smile! :o)

  5. Oh! Yes..I'm late but...Happy Birthday!! (I hope your day was great!)



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