the end and the begining!

so our swap sign ups are officially closed and how accurate are we with an ending total of 400 swapers! we couldn't be more excited about the number of people who have joined, but most of all we are astouned at the number of international interest we have accumulated. people who have signed up live as far off as iceland, norawy, bosnia, portugal, sweden, italy, beijing, uk, england, and even alot of parts in canada! what an international affair we have created!
so now, kathleen and i have to set up the groups so that we can make sure you all have your groups come november 8th like we promised! so now your only job for us is to create some beautiful ornaments and take lots of pictures too because as soon as the swap ends, kathleen and i will create a flickr group to post all the great ornaments people recieve and send out. don't forget that we will be keeping our special swap email address open incase anyone has questions or would like to send us pictures.

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