back to work....

well today was my first day back to work after my "random self proclaimed vacation" for the last 7 days. it was nice to put myself in a vegitative state of mind for a bit and also do some creating by choice for once. i got alot done....some shopping, some ornament making and packaging, knitting and holiday card making. everything went very well except i would of liked to print my holiday cards a bit differently but time was going by to quickly for me to change things up last minute so i had to go with this.

hopefully by next christmas i'll have my very own letterpress under my wing and i can do something twice as good, but like i said to Kathleen today, thats the beauty of being a creative person, we are able to adapt to the tools we have to use in front of us and make it work (as tim gunn says!).
{you can see more of my holiday craftiness at my flickr page}


  1. Gorgeous dear. Love the robin and the envelopes are so awesome. Beautiful work as always:)

  2. I really like this design--very festive. :) I also like that you have lined envelopes for the cards--did you do that yourself or buy lined envelopes somewhere?

  3. what a great design! your very own letterpress? i'm soooooooo jealous! i'll keep my eye out for a gocco for you in the meantime!



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