octoboooor is here!

i've been a bit lax-a-daisy on posting due to many projects at hand but now i'm all set to start my spooky filled october blogging celebration! this means, for the month of october i will be focusing on my most favorite holiday of the year...HHHAAALLLOOOWWWEEEENNNN!
what better way to launch this months spooky creative goodness but with the queen of creativity: MARTHA! i do have to tell you that i have a little obsession with martha halloweens... every year i sit at the edge of my seat come late september to get my october issue of Living in the mail. We all know that there are some really cheese ball attempts to make spooky things for halloween...and i'm not going to touch upon to silly, overly priced blow up yard decorations that make me want to aproach with a large needle! anywho, every year martha always seems to make a very elegant and realistic attempt to bring us a DIY halloween that is always timeless and most of all just creative genius! okay enough of my blabbering, here is a link to Marthas Living site where she has great costume ideas, fall recepies, and halloween project instructions. here are some teaser pics from my favorites in this years october issue...i can't wait to glitter my pumpkin this year!

so keep checking back through october to see all my greatest halloween picks from our creative world! also, i'm planing a little "shape shifting" for the fb blog as well!...ooooohhhhhhhh
(photos from marthastewert.com)


  1. I did glitter pumpkins last year...and they came out awesome. I can't wait to do it again this year!

  2. That is a super fabulous cake. It looks pretty tasty too! (mmmm, ghosts...)



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