new book

so in the middle of the crazy mid october snow storm here in buffalo i decided it would be the perfect opportunity to finish my midsized vintage wallpaper sketchbook. i'm so very happy with it and i love, love, love, how well the floral print layed out on the cover and i didn't expect the two other patterns i used to work so well together for the back and endpages...thats the beauty of experimentation! i can't emphasize enough the action of experimentation, most of the time you'll come out with a very happy accident and those are the best feelings in the world! you can see more pics of this book on my flikr site.


  1. Cole, I LOVE how your book turned out!!! IT LOOKS AMAZING! I really love how that pattern turned out, it far exceeded my expectations! i knew it would look good, but that really looks shockingly beautiful.
    In other news: Guess what? I have an interview on Friday in the late morning! I hope I get it:) ANNNND they want me to bring my most creative works, which scared me because it's been a while since my last job didn't allow us to get really creative...so in with a lot of college material i go...again, great job on the book!

  2. by the way, that was me kim...:)

  3. wow! book making? that is something I have NEVER attempted. looks great BTW. Have signed up for the ornament sway and have already found my design and am on my way! my goal is to have them finished BEFORE you send me my list! fingers crossed!



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