I love mysterious beauty!

I came across this French designer by the name of Matthieu appear. Most of his work is commercial print but he has this amazing skill of perfectly filling the gap between traditional and digital art. I fell so in love with this grouping of illustrations which is a mixture of acrylic, photographic manipulation and "cold, hard" digital design elements. This is a serious piece of "mysterious beauty".
Pieces like this make me think where my "visual gap" is, what I mean is that I don't think I really can stick with one specific style of what I do with my own work, which can, in a lot of professional cases become a deterrent from making a name for yourself. But when I look at work like Matthieu's, I see a lot of variation in what his visual outcome is...It's different everything but there is always something small that keeps them all linked as his personal signature. How do you do it man! I wonder if I'll ever not be denoted as just another "jill of all trades" and become a "signature".
the search continues.....

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